How to Increase Income with Furnished Corporate Apartments in Madison, AL


Renting furnished corporate apartments in Madison, AL is a profitable investment endeavor for property owners. Professional property management companies can help manage and maintain these valuable investments. There are several benefits to leasing furnished corporate apartments in Madison, AL.

  1. Property management companies will advise property owners that furnished corporate apartments in Madison, AL rent for higher rates than their comparable unfurnished counterparts.
  2. Furnished homes can be rented for shorter durations, including thirty days, month-to-month, or even as long as twelve months.
  3. Rentals that are furnished generally receive less wear and tear. This correlates to tenants not having to move bulky furniture, which can damage paint, walls, and flooring. Furnished homes also feature wall hangings, which result in fewer nail holes.
  4. Homes with unique floor plans can detour potential tenants. When these same homes are furnished with attractive decor, they appear more desirable and functional to potential tenants.
  5. Property owners with diversified holdings typically report higher investment return rates. Instead of landlords only focusing on offering unfurnished homes, a balanced inventory of furnished rentals helps attract wider applicant pools.
  6. Statistics show that most furnished homes are rented sight unseen, which makes less work for property management companies. 
  7. Furniture should include simple, high-end pieces that offer neutral colors. Staple pieces include a television, sectional sofa, beds, a computer desk, attractive artwork, and a seating area for dining.

On average, it costs property owners approximately $4,000 to furnish homes, but with charging additional rent fees, landlords can easily make up this expense.